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Our Church

What is Uniting Church?

The Uniting Church in Australia is Australia’s third largest Christian denomination with over 2000 Congregations & 200,000 members across our continent.

The UCA was founded on the 22nd June 1977 when most congregations of the Methodist Church in Australia joined with two thirds of the Presbyterian Church in Australia, and all the Congregational Union under the Basis of Union.

It is also Australia’s largest non-governmental provider of Community and Health Services. Its service network consists of over 4000 agencies, institutions & Parish Missions serving in aged care, hospitals, children, youth & family, disability, employment, emergency relief, drug and alcohol abuse, youth homelessness and suicide. Two of Its best-known Agencies are Blue care & Lifeline.

Affiliated Agencies include its health service network (Wesley hospital System), affiliated schools and University Colleges, the Aboriginal & Island Congress & Frontier Services.

The UCA seeks to act in a wider cooperation with the other Christian Denominations and has Partnership & support agreements with churches across the Asia/Pacific area.

The UCA is an inclusive, welcoming Church with a commitment to the Gospel, and the establishment of God’s kingdom of reconciliation, justice and peace here on earth.

All are welcome.

Our Community

We would love to have you. Whether you are a local or a visitor please feel free to join us at either church service or come along to any of the groups.

Our Staff

Minister - Rev Neil Storey  0413 781 951

Chairperson - Leona Clanahan

Vice Chairperson - Vacant

Secretary - Barbara Williams

Treasurer - Marian Parfitt

Church/Hall Bookings - Sunrise Beach - [email protected]

                                       - Tewantin -  [email protected]